How to Care for Your Jewelry

Taking Care of Gold Plated, Silver Plated and Gunmetal Plated Jewelry

It is best to wear gold plated/silver plated/gunmetal plated jewelry on an occasional basis. With proper care, your piece should last for a very long time, even though the gold plating/silver plating/gunmetal plating will wear down over time.

  • Liquids such as water, lotions, oils, and other liquids should be avoided.
  • When washing hands, showering, exercising, sleeping, swimming, cleaning, etc., remove it.
  • To clean, gently buff with a clean dry cotton cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaner or solutions on plated jewelry!
  • Store your gold/silver/gunmetal plated items in an airtight plastic baggie to keep moisture out. You can also just use a regular jewelry storage box or tree, just make sure you keep moisture away. You can also do like I do and just keep your gold plated things stored on a jewelry hanger like this one. 

How to Care for Brass

While fine for daily wear, it should be noted that over time, brass will naturally begin to tarnish and lose their polished luster.

  • To clean brass, you can use a polishing cloth to buff out any tarnishing. Also try not to wet your brass jewelry pieces. 

How to Care for Cellphone Charm Straps 

These accessories are perfect for everyday use. However, we use our hands for so many things and over time, our cellphone straps can become dirty even if outwardly they seem the same. It is recommended to use a regular disinfectant like a lysol or Clorox wipe to clean the charm part of your cellphone strap. Most cellphone charm straps sold in my store are made with stainless steel materials so tarnishing shouldn’t be an issue. 

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