1. Playlist: Symptoms of Being Human

    11 Jan 2022
    What inspired this playlist:  being honest about one’s sadness, anxiousness and messiness showing the vulnerability of being in love and speaking of one’s love to their love grieving changes for better or worse finding hope in oneself

  2. How I make my social media graphics

    11 Jan 2022
    People always ask me how I create my social media graphics for Instagram✨I primarily use VSCO X, CC Express and Prequel✨ First, I color and retouch my images using VSCO X and Prequel. VSCO filters give my images  the best color edits of any photo editing app out there. Sometimes…

  3. Resting and Taking Time to Imagine

    16 Nov 2021
    Now that I’m finally almost on a break from my jewelry business (officially after tomorrow when I send out orders), I can focus on the next steps for my photography career! I honestly 😞put my photography story-telling goals on pause ever since I started this business.  I have so many…

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