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  1. NYC Rally Bryant Park Nov 10, 2023

    2023-11-14 01:02:14 UTC

  2. Photo Walk in The Bronx

    2023-08-14 02:57:40 UTC
    On Saturday, I went on my second Photo Walk ever! This time it was with @freefilmproject NYC at we walked around the South Bronx taking photos of cool finds and of new friends! 

  3. How to Care for Your Jewelry

    2023-07-16 16:29:00 UTC
    Taking Care of Gold Plated, Silver Plated and Gunmetal Plated Jewelry It is best to wear gold plated/silver plated/gunmetal plated jewelry on an occasional basis. With proper care, your piece should last for a very long time, even though the gold plating/silver plating/gunmetal plating will wear down over time. Liquids…

  4. A Fall Afternoon

    2022-11-30 02:35:22 UTC

  5. dragonfly

    2022-11-21 00:23:32 UTC
    sitting on semi-wet grass in Park Slope, listening to the rumbling of planes. The grass speaks softly. It gently waves with every gust of wind. Laying on my belly…I don’t do this often especially since getting sick but today I wanted to connect again with the soil. Some days are…

  6. How I make my social media graphics

    2022-01-11 04:36:28 UTC
    People always ask me how I create my social media graphics for Instagram✨I primarily use VSCO X, CC Express and Prequel✨ First, I color and retouch my images using VSCO X and Prequel. VSCO filters give my images  the best color edits of any photo editing app out there. Sometimes…

  7. Now that Summer’s Over

    2021-09-06 05:24:00 UTC
    I think it’s finally settled into our bodies the reality of the loss of the ways we used to live. For better and for worse, our structures are in their final moments of collapse. Within that, there’s been a collapse, personally, of the way things were in my life. This…

  8. Oregon Trip: 2020

    2020-11-18 07:22:00 UTC
    Sharing a reflection from the first and only work trip I made in 2020.  “Last night, we huddled a circle. I was amongst the chosen family of the bride and groom, and it was precious to feel this love. To remember camaraderie is possible. The new way of living life,…

  9. Dream: A gift while at the Tianguis

    2020-05-15 13:01:00 UTC
    Photo by Roberto Carlos Roman Don on Dream Share: “I dreamt I was in a Tianguis of some sort. I came to this shop that had earrings and other jewelry. I was there with my older sister looking through the jewelry. I make my way to the counter to…

  10. Gio’s Final Presentation✨

    2018-12-15 00:40:00 UTC
    Photos from Giovanna’s Final Design Presentation✨💖 Taken in New York, NY✨

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