My Current Gear

For my fellow photographers, sharing what equipment I use! 

Refurbished Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon 50mm fixed lens

Canon 16-35mm wide angle lens

Godox V1 V1-C Flash for Canon Camera Flash Speedlite

Photos I took with my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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My first camera:

Starting out (I had some hobbyist photography experience with handheld Nikon cameras)  I saved up for a basic Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera with the kit lenses :) from Amazon lol. My first camera is no longer sold but this Canon Rebel T7 kit is very similar! ~ $545 USD

Photos I took with my Canon Rebel T6

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My second camera:

Canon EOS 80D with kit lenses

Photos I took with my Canon EOS 80D


accessories and equipment I've bought for my photography work

Studio Lights

Macro Mobile Photography Lens

Seamless Paper

Using Format