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How I make my social media graphics

People always ask me how I create my social media graphics for Instagram✨I primarily use VSCO X, CC Express and Prequel✨ First, I color and retouch my images using VSCO X and Prequel. VSCO filters give my images  the best color edits of any photo editing app out there. Sometimes I add a little shimmer or extra effects using Prequel.  Then, I  go to what is now the CC Express App on the App Store (formerly known as Adobe Spark) and I choose one of their ready made templates and remix it to fit my marketing needs. For me, the simpler the better. If I don’t have a really nice product photo, I give my product posts a flare by removing the background and adding a nice image from Unsplash that allows for copy space and digital product placement. My go-to website for the best quality free stock photos is For product posts, they usually have to meet this criteria for them to be posted: 1) must have some kind of artsy lines, stars, or a cute border✨ 2) the name of my product in the largest font on my social media flyer 3) There should always be a link to my website or my IG handle @xicanayor somewhere on the flyer ✨if my product photography isn’t the best, I can always make my products look cooler by layering a background-less png onto an aesthetically complimentary Unsplash image✨ In the first image here (example of one of my product posts), you can see my simple heart earrings are on a photograph✨ This was the result of my ingenious idea to use my own professional photo book of 100 Women of Color as the backdrop for my product photography✨That way, I am not liable for any copyright claims etc because I am using my own professional photography work to market my jewelry brand. ✨I added the Hecho con Amor giphy sticker on the bottom left corner✨I also recently started adding a short description of my jewelry products to catch the attention of those who tend to not read captions.✨

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