Resting and Taking Time to Imagine

Now that I’m finally almost on a break from my jewelry business (officially after tomorrow when I send out orders), I can focus on the next steps for my photography career! I honestly 😞put my photography story-telling goals on pause ever since I started this business.  I have so many ideas that I want to make reality, I just need to put my eggs in order and choose which one idea I want to try first. I’ve failed so many times with ideas. One of my ideas was a digital magazine I tried to start maybe three years ago? It was an grand idea except I didn’t have the bandwidth or long-term interest to actually put in the work to make it real. I had another idea of doing a second part to my 100 Women of Color project but that beautiful brain and heart child of mine had it’s time. It’s now 2021 and I want to hold a creative and emotional space for all marginalized genders, not just women. One of the top ten things I want to do on this break is 1. Watch the Harry Potter movies again! 2. Run at the park twice a week  3. Create a consistent routine around caring for my body and caring for my mind. 4. Go on a hike! 5. Nap more with our cats. 6. Cook new dishes for me and my family ❤️ 7. Practice EFT and other breathing-exercises. 8. Make a new friend 9. Get back on Hinge. 10. Dye my hair more orange 🍊