Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the process to book a session with you?

  • First please inquire through email ( or dm (@xicanayork on IG) with your photography needs. What session are you interested in from the ones I offer? If there a service you want to inquire about that isn't listed? Also, please inquire having a clear date (month, day, year) or month and year of the photo session you want. 
  • When I've received your payment, I will send you a contract to finalize the booking process. Please provide an email you check daily/weekly so I can send you that contract. 
  • After you sign the contract, we can move on to planning your shoot. We can create a shared folder on IG or through email for the mood board for the looks and vibes of your shoot. 
  • From there, I'll send you a shot list for you to review and we'll check in for other details, your outfit, potential props you'll bring, anything else that is needed to be planned in advance.
  • If you have made a partial payment for your shoot as a deposit, reminder that on the day of your session, you must send the remaining payment. Your final edited photos will not be sent until full payment is sent. 

I tried to download my final edited album and the link doesn't work?

I give clients a limited time frame to download their final edited album because these photos take up storage space on my website for all my clients. If you are trying to download images past the deadline I gave you to save them, please allow 1-3 weeks for me to resend them to you. You will be given another limited time frame to download them. 

Do you have a private studio for photography sessions?

I rent private studios for sessions that clients pay for that include a studio. I use a website called Peerspace and the rental price is included into my photo session costs. I do not have a private photo studio of my own but the platform I use to rent studios is trusted and has a variety of beautiful spaces. 

Do you work only with women?

A good chunk of my clientele are women because my first professional photography project centered my want to serve women of color specifically. I work with people of all genders. 

Are you based in New York City?

Yes,  I work throughout the 5 boroughs of the New York City. I have had clients hire me to photograph for them nationally and internationally. For those kinds of jobs, clients are required to pay for my flights, travel costs, lodging etc. 

How much does it cost for you to photograph a client in another city?

That depends on where the client is and what kind of photography the Client needs. Please email me at so we can set up a Zoom call or phone call to talk about your photography needs. Afterwards I can create a quote for my services around your photography needs and my payment requirements based on the kind of work I'm being asked to do. 

Are there other payment methods besides paying through your website with Paypal?

There are other methods of paying. I accept Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo and Apple Pay. 

Have you photographed weddings before?

I have photographed about 4 weddings thus far. One civil wedding in NYC, two receptions in NYC, one wedding in Oregon and one religious wedding in Queens. 

Can I get raw/unedited photos from my session? 

No. Under no circumstance are my Clients given raw or unedited photos to download/share/keep. As a professional, it is my non-negotiable for regular and corporate clients. If you need raw and unedited photos from me, we will not work together and hope you find a photographer that better suits those needs. If you forget this during any time in the process of our work relationship, I will remind you using my contract for services. 

Are you COVID vaccinated?

I am vaccinated, I have been vaccinated recently with the updated 2023 Moderna COVID vaccine and have had previous boosters and the initial J&J vaccine in 2021. If you would like proof of this before booking, lmk so I can send you a pic.

Do you speak in Spanish?

I do speak in Spanish. I am native English and Spanish speaker. 

Can I bring a friend or my partner to my photo session? 

You can bring a person to your photo session as long as you let me know at the time of booking. As long as the guest is respectful of me, my time and my space we should be good. 

What happened to your jewelry shop? Are you still making jewelry? Can I purchase jewelry from you?

I have taken a hiatus from my ecommerce jewelry store for a year or more. I am not making new jewelry. You cannot purchase jewelry from me. 

Can you fix my necklace?

I am no longer offering jewelry repair services. 

Do you do have MUA recommendations for photography clients?

I highly recommend Hannah Lauren Del Rosario for my NYC and NJ Clients. 

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