Customer & Client Reviews


Essential Portraits Session (Outdoors) 

Thank you so much for today! ✨ Very happy to be in community with you. Un abrazo." 

-Eva M.D., New York

Classic Portrait Experience (Outdoors)

The final edits look great!! So excited to download them and figure out which we will blow up and frame toooo!

-Ramelcy U., Familia Gil Uribe, New York

Essential Portraits Session (Studio)

All the pics are amazing! Thank you for getting all the angles, loved them!

-Kartika F., New York


Eden Bundle + Mermaid Dangles

"I've been wearing the earrings out and plan to wear the other accessories when I go to Ren Faire this month. Can't wait. Thank you! :)

- Christine L., New Jersey

Muertitos Earrings + Bundle

@hijademicultura IG story repost: "In love with each piece."

- Leslie G., New York 

Melanie Dainty Dangles, Ojitos Brillosos Trio

It’s all so lovely! Thanks so much! Stylish and endearing- from the envelope, to the inside packaging, to the note and the extra gift! I appreciate it immensely. Your talent and craftsmanship shines. I’ll certainly be ordering again in the future. 

Tiffany R., Colorado

Geometric Wooden Wheel Necklace

Thank you so much for the extra item I love it . Your items are all gorgeous, I’ll be 100 percent purchasing more in the future. Hope you have have a good day !!

Cresenciana M., Brooklyn, NYC

Botellita de Amatista Heart Shape

They came a day early love!  I’ve been gravitating toward carnelian, orange crystals and orange colors in general so the extra botellita you gave me was perfect  i think topaz is my birthstone and orange symbolizes transitions, which is literally perfect and resonates with me at the moment. I’mma take a nice pic with the jewelry and i’ll send it to you. Gotta try n look cute or wutever 

-Nicole Nguyen 

Pointed Botellita de Amatista Necklace

Yesterday, I received my witch botellita. I'm so happy with it! My mom loved the amethyst bracelet so much that it's now hers.
I will let you know when I get my green calaveritas earrings.  
Muchas Gracias! 

-Michelle Bello

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