1. Resting and Taking Time to Imagine

    2021-11-16 06:51:35 UTC
    Now that I’m finally almost on a break from my jewelry business (officially after tomorrow when I send out orders), I can focus on the next steps for my photography career! I honestly 😞put my photography story-telling goals on pause ever since I started this business.  I have so many…

  2. Now that Summer’s Over

    2021-09-06 05:24:00 UTC
    I think it’s finally settled into our bodies the reality of the loss of the ways we used to live. For better and for worse, our structures are in their final moments of collapse. Within that, there’s been a collapse, personally, of the way things were in my life. This…

  3. Oregon Trip: 2020

    2020-11-18 07:22:00 UTC
    Sharing a reflection from the first and only work trip I made in 2020.  “Last night, we huddled a circle. I was amongst the chosen family of the bride and groom, and it was precious to feel this love. To remember camaraderie is possible. The new way of living life,…

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