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ojitos angelitos (Evie)

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ojitos angelitos (Evie) are prayed over for their wearer's divine guidance and protection. 

as a layer of spiritual cleansing and fortification, ojitos angelitos are prayed over super shield incense from Kiara of vknumerology

Lastly, ojitos angelitos Rosita are anointed with fiery wall of protection oil & og van van oil from Myesha of Cognac & Conjure. 

materials of the earrings: brass findings (in colors silver and gold), lamp work ojitos, gold plated diamond shaped chain (sterling silver diamond shaped chain), gold plated French ball hook (brass silver hook), white and blue Czech beads, and brass gold (&  brass silver) angel wings charms. 

All of the items on this site are sold as CURIOS ONLY. Xicanayork makes no claims nor guarantees any supernatural or magical qualities for any products. The names and alleged powers are gathered from books, folklore, and various other sources.

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