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Linaje Radiante 2"x2" inches (Square Vinyl Sticker)

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One Linaje Radiante Sticker, printed on thick, durable vinyl. From my documentary photo series, A New Home, my photo Linaje Radiante, Estado de México, 2019 comes in a square vinyl sticker, perfect for your libreta (as shown in the images on the side) your laptop, your phone case and more! This image carries a special meaning for me and my family because it's from the blessing ceremony of our first home in my dad's hometown. The photo on the sticker shows what I call my linaje radiante, my radiant lineage, the women and girls in my family, generations in one photo. On the sticker is a quote of my own words, 

"Anyone can take your photo but not everyone will take the time and care to see you." @xicanayork

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