Jewelry Business: My Story

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How it all started

A trip to Fordham Road, a failed idea, months of lockdown and advice from my little sister brought me to Jewelry Making. 

One day, I was walking along Fordham Road and decided to step into Dr. Jay's Women to check out what they had. I was looking through their t-shirts and saw a beautiful photograph on a shirt that was embellished with beads. I thought to myself, "What if my photo was on a t-shirt?😱...What if I made my own with my photos from 100 Women of Color?...What if I also embellished it with beads?

That day, I went home, did research and got some shirts printed. I was so excited to make some cool merchandise I could sell besides photo books. 

Low and behold, the embellished t-shirts didn't come out as I envisioned, in fact they looked terrible 🥲😂. I stored the beads away in case I got another idea down the line.

Fast forward to the lockdown of the first year of this on-going pandemic, I took my beads out of my basement. I could repurpose the beads to make something that I was absolutely obsessed with: earrings. I asked some friends what colors they liked and I started making a couple pairs.

Since I wasn't working during the first half of 2020, I took making earrings for my friends seriously and I would stay up late at night teaching myself through "Youtube University"💻. I was making earrings one night when my sister came to me and said, "Ponte a trabajar Evelin!" She said, "You better not be making these earrings for free. Put up your Etsy shop and get to selling!" I looked at her baffled saying, "Someone would buy these?" 

Those words she said stuck with me so that night I stayed up til 3am working on my earrings. I decided I would move out my few photo books from my Online Shop and I added my earrings. It was pretty random 😂 I didn't make a formal announcement of me starting another side business, in part because I was shy about it. I posted mostly on my Finstagram so my small circle could know what I was up to and so they could buy from me.

A short while after, I finally posted on my Xicanayork IG Business account and the rest is history.

I started out only making earrings and now I make necklaces, anklets and bracelets. I hope to venture out into different ways of making jewelry for clothes and maybe something greater.


The jewelry I make is for the self and for community. I make jewelry that speaks to different parts of me that others can identify with. I also make jewelry pieces for fundraising to community members and causes that are important to me.

I love dainty, classic jewelry and I also love quirky earrings with unusual materials. I love soft alt-punk pieces and I also love creating things that reminds me of the the goodness of home, anything that reminds me of the unique experiences of growing up Xicana in The Bronx. My jewelry is a form of honoring my self and the stories that informed by my life experiences and by my imagination.