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Fundraiser: Arcoiris Hoops 2

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A $10 donation will be made to the fundraiser for Covid-19 & Hurricane Relief for Trans women in Honduras, a mutual aid fund organized by Michelle Bernardino. Receipts of donations will be posted here. Here's some information from the collective of Trans women in Honduras:

"We are a collective of trans women from Nicaragua and rural regions of Honduras and live in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Due to the systemic exclusion and transphobia of the Honduran government and the global pandemic of COVID-19, our lives have been greatly impacted since we are sex workers. Our lives are on a day to day basis and we do our best to support one another. Our race, migration, class and gender identity makes us especially vulnerable to this pandemic. Some of us have been kicked out of our home because we did not meet the rent payment. We are not included in the public health sector, we are not included in any sector of the country and we are discriminated against everywhere. To exist as a trans woman in Honduras is to take a lot of risk, but we do so because we love each other and we have the right to exist in our reality. Honduras is a super militarized country and due to COVID-19 and quarantine orders, we can only leave every 15 days to make the necessary purchases. We need support to sustain our livelihood and well-being.

We need support to purchase and pay the following:
-Utilities (light, water, kerosene, etc.)
-Face masks and gloves
-Hygiene products
-Emergency relief support due to Hurricane Eta

We can't wait, and we're not going to wait for the government to help us. It never has and never will. We take care of us. We know that we are worthy of a long life full of joy, free of violence, where dreaming and imagining is possible.

From our heart to yours, abrazos from Honduras and thank you for your support."

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