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Mami Chula Social Club Kickball Tournament 2019

All photos by Evelyn Martinez @xicanayork

This year was the Mami Chula Social Club's Third Annual Softball Tournament. Mami Chula started as a softball game with friends three years ago and has expanded into a business that creates space for women from Uptown, NYC.

IG: @themamichulasocialclub

Claudia Mendoza

*pictured on the far right*

Claudia is the founder of the Mami Chula Social Club, a Dominican-American woman from Uptown who has built a business by creating a private women's social club that centers community. 

The Mami Chula Social Club is founded on the principles of dignity, love, and respect for women. Below are more photos taken by me for the Mami Chula Social Club. 

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