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100 Women of Color 8x8 Book

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Hardcover Photo Book: 100 Women of Color, Volume 1. 

Professionally printed photo book. 8x8 inches. ..

Women in Volume 1: 

Melanie W., Brenda L. Shateka J., Mariam S., Yuliana P., Nancy C., Adalhi M., Stephanie N., Shazzia H., Isake S., Q (Quanita) H., Natalie R., Suzanna T., Aly P., Azia E., Anyela P., Vallerie M., Tashi S., Daisy F.,  Anisha B., Ingrid M., Estefanie L., Cristina C., Michelle B., Morghann S.,  Melizza W., Angelica L., Kiana H., Vanessa C., Whitney S., Kelly G., Celene S., Gabriella M., Michelle P., Melissa M. and Yazmine N.

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